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*nix CFZ 0.8.1
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   |_| damn software |_|
   | |     /^^^\     | |
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 | | | |  (_---_)  | | | \
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|       | /     \ |       |
 \     / / (. .) \ \     /
  \   / / /| . |\ \ \   /
    \ \/ / |*V*| \ \/ /
     \__/  || ||  \__/
           () ()
           || ||
          ooO Ooo
CFZ is a random curse generator written in python. The program itself could actually be used as a general purpose gibberish generator, but with the current datafile, it's quite offensive. Be forewarned: If you are a non-religious male between the ages of 13 and 30, you will probably find this thing slightly funny. Otherwise, click your back button!. If anyone is interested in using the editor to write a clean database (a very simple, quick, nontechnical job, my grandma could do it if she wasn't crazy), drop me a mail. I've got way too much other stuff going on, and plus I'm lazy. Also, if you have a feature request, and it's something worthwhile/doable then I'll probably write it in.

This webpage is just a placeholder. Eventually I'll make it pretty. Possibly. Well, actually not. *UPDATE*, March 27th, 1 a.m.: I finally got around to making it pretty. Well, at least it's better than before.

If you mailed me and you're wondering why I haven't messaged back, it's probably because I just found out the account I was using for this project before was very broken. If you value your email, don't ever use!
Stuff cfz requires:

If you're a windows sufferer, you need to get python
and for versions >=0.8.0, wxPython.
*note* I haven't tested these, so I have to take the word of those who have.

Linux users will find python here and wxpython here, and a thousand other places, although if you've got a fairly up to date distribution, you probably don't need python.

March 27, 2000
Version: None! You people suck!

I just updated the ol' page, and made it a little nicer to look at. I doubt cfz will get any more updates, mostly because I have an extremely ambitious new project(see link on side bar), which could be made to emulate cfz with little effort. Also, the cfz core is lame (I spent about 4 hours on it, a few days after I learned python) and I don't feel like updating it. If anyone wants a small, fun python project to sink their teeth into, even if you don't have any experience, but would like to learn, drop me a mail. I'll get you pointed in the right direction.

It should be noted that given another few hours of work, CFZ could produce extremely good output. When I originally wrote the core, I was a newb, and I was making things up as I went along. The clients are all well written, and a new core could be easily dropped in place of it. Have fun.

March 14, 2000
Version 0.8.1

Another change in the data format, and a re-write of the parser to make it more nifty. This version is incompatible with 0.8.0 data, but the differences are very superficial, so you could vgrep them away if you really wanted to. An updated version of the converter script is included, which can handle any version before 0.8.0.

The datafile now supports # comments (but this is only for compatibility with future versions;changing data with craped will erase all comments). It uses ini style now (sections are enclosed in []s). There must be no whitespace before the first meaningful char on a line. Also, "\" as the first char will escape the second char (ie, "\#9" will come out as "#9"). Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and I added a conf file, just for the hell of it. Right now, its only entry is the name of the database.

The windows cfz distribution in zip format.

The [u,li]n[i,u]x cfz distribution in tar/gz format.

March 11, 2000
Version 0.8.0

**Note: This version really doesn't add any new functionality, it just adds wx targets for the client and editor, changes the db format, and fixes a few random bugs which shouldn't affect anyone. These are important developments for future versions, but if you just wanna try it out, and don't want to have to download wxpython, just get 0.6.0 below.**
This version is a major re-write. The database format has changed, but I wrote a little converter script which should soften the blow a little. You'll only need this if you made your own datafiles and want to be able to use them with the new version. This version hasn't added any new features, but it has seen lots of code re-writes, in preparation for a c++ release. It now uses a simple, human readable db format, in contrast to the python pickle datafiles from 0.6.0. If something cool doesn't distract me, a c++ version should be out in a few days or a week.

The windows cfz distribution in zip format.

The [u,li]n[i,u]x cfz distribution in tar/gz format.

November 18, 1999 (posted date)
Version 0.6.0

Here's the code. I lost track of the version number long ago, but the program actually has been complete/stable for some time, so if I were a version stacker, I could make it something like 1.2.2. We'll just call this release 0.6.0. The tgz format is setup with *nix users in mind, and the zip is for that other OS. (The files inside are actually different. Don't try to use the tgz distrib in a Microshaft OS)

The main cfz distribution in zip format.

The main cfz distribution in tgz format.

Long Ago...

I haven't done any work on CFZ in months, partly due to the fact that I had learned python inside and out, which was my goal. I was also busy learning C++, school, etc. What's an antisocial punkass teenager to do? Anyways, I now want to resurrect python cfz, and sometime soon, re-write it in C++. I also wanted to get it out on the net, where someone might actually choose to use it a few times, laugh, and then go play quake. Up until now, I've been hosting CFZ off of my own access controlled server, on a 56k connection (please stop laughing), but now, thanks to the good folks at, I have a real host. If you are involved in an open source project, give this site a visit. They offer an amazing service to the community.

Go to my entry on the forge and check out all the cool buttons and shit.